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Optics for Cine and Video

It all began with our HD Scope for B4 Mount Video.
Since a few years we additionally produce different systems for Cine & Video.
Most know are our converters for ENG lenses onto Super 35 cameras; HDx35, HDx2 and now the HDx1.4.
Also best quotes beget for our PLx2 and PLx1.4 extenders for the PL lenses.
One of the "technical summits" we now climbed with the development for thee ARRI65 camera.
Herefore we invested all our (25 year) knowledge and capability to do the best job.
We again want to thank ARRI Rental providing IB/E OPTICS the chance for this wealthy work.
We will further on work for the best success on this project.

Telecentric lenses

IB/E has designed and produced a huge family of telecentric lenses for all kinds of sensors.
We do have on stock of standard lenses as well as customized optics.
IB/E OPTICS can delivery customized parts with their own inhaouse CNC machinery.
So, we are able to realized professional mechanics for rough machine vision applications.
See for more references here.

Production, Measurement & Analysis

Our real good measuring technique with interferometry, MTF-testing device and spectrophotometry guarantees tested quality.

Optic Design Trainings

We offer you knowledge and further education in some areas of the technical optics: Trainings in Optic Design and also workshops for specialists, which have to design and construct optical systems.
Our trainings in ZEMAX:
Crash Course Basic & project-related trainings

Optical System Development

IB/E OPTICS introduces itself as your reliable and competent partner for development and construction of optical systems.
Our know-how is based on 16 years of experience in optical system development, illumination tasks and machine vision applications.
Consider us as your partner, who realizes your individual development plans from engineering to the complete system.

Machine Vision Systems

Since we were founded we have worked intensively with our partner companies and several specialists.
Due to that we can provide completely fabricated, mounted and tested units to solve your problems in machine vision.
For you the partnership means effective and quick realisation of your delvopment plans, short delivery times, appropriate prices and professional work by our qualified opticians, technicians and technical optics engineers.

Professional Illumination

A very decisive but often underestimated component for image processing applications is the right illumination. Suitable illumination of the object can reduce the amount of hard and software components or in some case even make an evaluation possible.

5.0 Megapixel Camera Modules
Order the modules in our Online Shop now!
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Data Sheet (437kB)
HDx1.4 Converter
The new HDx1.4 converter will be used for all HD ENG lenses on the 16 mm sensor format; as Sony´s F5/55 and others.
PLx1.4 Extender
The PLx1.4 is an optical converter that extends the focal length of 35 mm PL mount lenses 1.4 times.
Canon Conversion Kits
UMS Mounts for Canon Zoom Lenses!
HandeVision 40 mm

The first 40 mm/F0.85 high-speed HandeVision lens!
More S-Series lenses available now!

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