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IB/E optics is a designer, manufacturer and service provider of customized optics in the field of image acquisition, projection and illumination. Our developments and products are used worldwide in industry, medicine, photography and professional film production.

Apart from developing and creating cine products consisting of the RAPTOR Primes and the RAPTOR Macro Lens Series as well as an extensive array of optical tools and adapters, IB/E optics has collaborated with many renowned manufacturers on numerous projects, most notably, Tribe7 on the development and manufacture of the Blackwing7 lenses and ARRI Rental on the development and manufacture of the Prime DNA, Prime 65S, and Prime 65 lenses for the ALEXA 65.

We have been delivering quality products and service to the industry’s professionals since 1992. Fully equipped with the latest technology we offer full lifecycle program management from beginning to end with a single point of accountability. With our cutting-edge technologies and our strong team of experts you can rest assured that your project is in good hands. 


In addition to custom-made optics, lens servicing and conversions, we also manufacture a comprehensive range of our own high-quality lenses, extenders, converters, expanders and other optical tools, as well as many universal mounting solutions for all high-end cine equipment.


As a family-owned company, it is our goal to continue our tradition of precision, meeting and exceeding our customers expectations and to advance the world of optics in film and broadcast industry.


IB/E optics has know-how in a large field of applications.


Our primary goal is to continually use our in-depth knowledge of optical systems and technologies to create bespoke solutions for clients wherever necessary, e.g. industry, air and space, medicine, film and broadcast. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly analyze problems, efficiently solve problems, present coherent workflows, develop and manufacture high-performance optics and create robust designs. This all stems from our extensive experience and long tradition of German quality craftmanship.

We are dedicated to producing exceptional optical products and solutions with innovative approaches custom designed to meet the needs of our clients. Our expertise in optics and precision engineering combined with our full-service operation provides a one-stop solution for design, prototyping, manufacture, series production and delivery.

Above all, we listen to our clients and work hard to respond to their needs during every stage of the process. Thus, we provide our clients with first-class quality, the finest workmanship and rigorous controls and testing before, during and after manufacturing to ensure high reliability and durability.

Our Expertise

IB/E optics offers subject matter expertise in the following fields:


Optical instrument manufacture:

  • Complex opto-mechanical Units

  • Modular AC and DC Cold Light Systems

Optics testing:

  • Measuring of objectives


  • Condensers, Mirror Systems

  • Telecentric, High Light Intensity, anamorphot

  • Customized Solutions

Standard and customized lenses:

  • Cine Lenses, Cine Lens Rehousing (Mechanical Rehousing, Optical Boostering, ect)
  • Customized lens development for medicine, machine vision – from development up to prototyping and series
  • Macro- and Micro-Optics
  • Motor Zoom Systems

Telecentric lenses:

  • for different sensor formats

  • High-res and distortion free

  • Customized solutions


  • Mirror systems for night-vision devices with high light intensity

  • Phyrosensoric projection/Anamorphots

Laser systems – scanner:

  • Diode Collimators

  • Beam Modelling Optics, Beam Expanders

  • F-Theta Scanner (RGB)

Distributors and Resellers