IB/E Optics’ Smartfinder Pro prototype was tested on the set of Legion with the help and support of Keslow Camera. Dana Gonzales, ASC; Mitch Dubin, Camera Operator; and David Edsall, First Camera Assistant provided input in the development phase of IB/E Optics’ new large format digital DP and Director’s View-finder.

Dana said, “It has been very good for us to have a Large Format option as we depend on a Director’s Viewfinder to plan our images shot by shot.”

The Smartfinder Pro is designed for lenses from S35 to Full For-mat and up to 65mm format and will be available in both PL and LPL versions. You attach a lens. The image is gathered on ground-glass. It has a 62mm Ø image diagonal, which is slightly larger than the image of an ARRI Alexa 65. The groundglass concept is just like a traditional, optical Director’s Finder. An iPhone is attached behind the groundglass. The camera focuses onto the groundglass image, through four optical elements made by IB/E, and you view the shot on the iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus screen.

The iPhone lets you shoot framegrabs and, of course, video. This is helpful for scouting and pre-viz.IB/E Optics is expected to begin shipping the first production models around Cine Gear 2019. ibe-optics.com

Text originally published in The FD Times Issue 93-94 April 2019