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In “Depth of Field Repealed,” FDTimes called for comments on “The difference in depth of field between Large Format and S35, comparing lenses with the same angle of view.”

Klaus and Uwe Eckerl,  Managing Director and Optical Designer of IB/E Optics in Bavaria, write:


BVK – German Society of Cinematographers visit to IB/E OPTICS was an honor and a pleasure. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our company history, philosophy and our lens development process – from idea to finished product.
Many thanks to Ludwig Kameraverleih and ARRI Rental EU for providing support for the day with large sensor cameras, namely the RED Monstro and the Alexa65 to allow us to successfully show our S35xFF Expander and our Raptor Large Sensor 1:1 Macro Lenses.
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