Klaus Eckerl

Dipl.-Ing. Mechatronics

CEO / President  - Senior Optic Designer

Klaus Eckerl studied mechatronics in Nürnberg, Germany and completetd his studies successfully in 1988 as diplom engineer. He worked on software and hardware development on stepper motor units as a free engineer. 
Employment in the optical industry followed, as technical director at ENNA WERK, Munich with approximately 300 employees. During that time he worked in the field of projection, zoom lens design & production as well as working on plastic molding for slide projectors. Klaus Eckerl worked in the field of design and development of optical coatings with Leybold systems. Optic design and quality engineering on projection and zoom systems for Schneider Kreuznach, Kodak, Docter Optics, Zeiss Oberkochen, Jenoptik. Opto-mechanical design on Inventor professional software. Finaly responsible for the quality management for all key acount customers. 
Later he established the new field of industrial optics at ENNA. Engineering und production of customized systems in glas and plastic. After ENNA was sold to Docter Optics in 1992, Mr. Eckerl decided to start his own company IB/E, short for  "Engineering Buro Eckerl". Since 2001 he is managing director at his own production company IB/E optics GmbH. In 2012 he finally fulfilled another dream of his' by moving into his self-designed IB/E headquartes  in Freyung.

Optic & Mechanic Design & CAD


Uwe Eckerl

IT Specialist

Head of Optical System Design & Software - Project Manager 

Uwe studied computer science at the University of Passau. For many years he has been active in the company as a project manager for customer and research projects for medium-sized companies, e.g. in medicine and machine vision. Besides project management his core area is the development of optical systems with Zemax (since 2004) and since 2013 with Code VAlso software works (C ++, C and Java, as well as PLC Systems) is a further field of his activities. Meanwhile Uwe has developed many optical systems (telecentric lenses, macro lenses, zoom lenses, lens converters, Scheimpflug systems and more). He is pushing the development of internal measurement tools (ZEMAX automation routines; at OptiBench- and MTF Star measurement system) to improve quality assurance. He is responsible for the development of our awarded MTF Star - software for the measurement of optical systems at the projector. He has been active with IB/E Optics for over 20 years (2018)

Martin Pappenberger

B. Eng Mechatronics 

Head of Mechanic Design & Technologies

Since his graduation in 2009 from the University of Deggendorf with a degree in mechatronics, Martin has become an invaluable asset to the company. He has been with the company prior to graduation, as a working student acquiring a considerable amount of experience working on a special lens project, commissioned by Zeiss SMT. While a working student, he decided to stay with the company and write his Bachelor thesis on the UPMOS Opto Alignment stage and joined IB/E Optics directly thereafter. Since then, he has been the chief designer of the ARRI65 and ARRI DNA lenses. Further, he has been responsible for the creation of the HDx35 and the HDx2 converter as well as for all new UMS mounts.  Together with the CEO of the company, Martin has created the SMARTFINDER an electronical Director’s Viewfinder, which has been released at the end of 2018. IB/E Optics’ Smartfinder has been well received in the marketplace and has already been utilized on numerous sets- with the most recent being the set of Legion. In his position as the Head of the Mechanical Design team, he is currently managing the design efforts for the Angénieux Optimo Prime lenses, which are to be released onto the market in 2020.

Reinhard Thomas

Dipl.-Physics (TU)

Optic System Design 

Long term laboratory specialist in the field of imaging optics at Meyer Optics, East Germany. Did layer design and coating development on lenses. Routined specialist if it comes to the evaluation in optical systems. IB/E Optics the last years trained him in ZEMAX and now he is one of the optical designers in house to realize your system. Reinhard has been with IB/E Optics since 2001.

Manuel Kieweg

B. Sc. (TU) - Mobile & Embedded Systems

Software / Electronic & APP development 

With a degree in Mobile and Embedded systems from the University of Passau, Manuel Is our most recent addition to the company as a project engineer. As our specialist  in electronics, he will advance our electronic development of interfaces between lenses and cameras at IB/E Optics. His first project started to be our new SmartFinder Pro APP.


Administration/ Sales


Nicole Eckerl

Administrative Secretary

Purchasing, Accounting & HR

Nicole Eckerl ensures that the company is running smoothly and seamlessly while working with staff at all levels of the company. Nicole performs advanced administrative duties requiring broad experience, skill and knowledge of organization policies and practices for this specific industry. Her ability to function in a confidential and discrete manner, and demonstrate the ability to adhere to timeliness, flexibility, and adaptability, as well as maintaining a professional atmosphere under pressure and meeting numerous deadlines is exceptional. Nicole does not only coordinate budget activities including tracking full-time employee vacancies, but also serves as a resource to interpret and provide information regarding organizational policies and procedures.

Nicole Donaubauer


Sales & Marketing

Nicole Donaubauer, secretary to the Marketing team, provides full secretarial, clerical as well as logistical and administrative support. Nicole is the principal link between company and customer. Her effective written and verbal communication skills and her high level of attention to detail make her a valuable asset that significantly contributes to the company’s smooth and efficient workflow.

Horst Deckinger

Assistance to the CEO 

Responsible for Facilities, Events & Car Fleet  

Horst works for Klaus as facility manager and take care for all issues around the companies real estate and buildings, vans, trucks and car fleet of the employees. He is responsible for in house shows and IB(E events.




Technical Purchasing / Technical Product Design 


Kerstin Grundmüller

Technical Product designer  

Head of Technical Purchase

Her years of experience in the field of assembly and technical drawings with Inventor 3D and 2D let her be the ideal contact person for our suppliers.
She is organizing the delivery schedules for our assembling teams. Because she is with IB(E since 2001 , has started as a trainee and spend all her working life at IB(E , she is the one to ask for nearly everything. This time by time generates lazzy staff, because she knows where, who and why. 

Annabell Scheibelberger

Technical Product Designer

Annabell is creating drawings for our production - internal and external. Furthermore she also can assemble her own parts by herself.  She has successfully completed her apprenticeship in June 2016. Since then She is responsible for managing the data sets for our Laser engraving machines. Annabell has been with IB/E Optics since 2013.



Quality Assurance /  IB/E Lab


Markus Hirz

B. Eng Physics

Head of Evaluation , QA & Optic Design

Markus Hirz started during studies working as a practical student and finally wrote his Bachelor thesis about "T-Stop Measurement on optical systems" at IB/E Optics. He cares for the quality assurance and MTF measurement after the assembly. Since his start , he programmed several tools for inhouse purpose, as the automatic rim laquering machine for lenses, the fully automatic focus measurement . With this, we can easily generate the enegraving data inhouse for the laser.  We recently started a project to measure MTF at the wall while projecting targets ( more precise that our MTF Star ) together with angenieux.  Markus got several short courses in Optic Design and so can analyse the tolerances while measuring their influence on the lens quality.  Markus has been with IB/E Optics since 2014.


Production / Assembly


Günther Schrank

Industrial Mechatronic Specialist

Head of CNC Production / Mechanics  

Günther keeps the CNC machines running and does support for assembly and evaluation. With his two 4 axis CNC machines , one milling machine, one laser cutter and  one laser engraver he was trained in CAD, CAM Software as well.  He is able to program most of our complex parts in-house and produce the first samples for the customers to prove the design and concept. Günther is at IB/E Optics since 2002. 

Heiko Bethke

Qualified Optician & State-certified Technician

Team Leader Assembly

Heiko is an expert within the field of mechanics and optics with nearly 20 years of work experience in the film industry. After leaving his job as a senior technician at Vantage in 2018, he joined forces with IB/E Optics to work on new, demanding and exciting projects. Heiko is currently working on the TRIBE7 project, making him the perfect match to understand the client’s visionary stylistic choices while finding state-of -the-art technical solutions to bring innovative products, such as the BLACKWING7 lenses, to life. In view of our upcoming anamorphic program, it is to say that Heiko fits the bill perfectly.

Jürgen Hirsch

Qualified Technician

Design & Assembly

Jürgen’s areas of expertise range from the assembly of optics and systems to mechanical design with CAD. Responsible for the assembly of the ARRI65 and the ARRI65S lenses he subsequently moved into the field of mechanical design. Jürgen is a highly skilled mechanical designer and uses his diverse set of experiences in complex mechanism design, 3-Dimensional computer modelling, and creative problems solving to create a high-quality product. Coupling these skills with his innovative mindset allows him to solve the toughest product challenges. Among his recent and most well-known projects are the Blackwing7 lenses by Tribe7 as well as the new inhouse Raptor Prime lenses. Jürgen has been with the company since 2013.  

Christoph Stadler

Qualified Technician

Production & Assembly

Christoph has been with IB/E since 2017 and is the face behind the Raptor production. Utilizing our ERP software, Christoph ensure that materials are ordered frequently from our supply partners and forwarded to our assembly team on time. Configuring the material flows within the company and providing the production and assembly teams with the right materials is one of his main responsibilities. In view of the steady extension of the RAPTOR family and the recent introduction of the Raptor Prime lenses to the market in 2019, Christoph and his team will remain busy. 

Markus Boxleitner

Qualified optican

Assembly and Quality Assurance

Markus is an allround talent "swiss knife" , helping while assembling lenses and the quality evaluation at the Zeiss K12. He is skilled in eye optics and familiar with glass since years.  He is with IB(E optics since spring 2019. 


Jacob M. Jibb

B. Sc. Optoelectronics 

Quality Assurance

After his studies in Jena , he came to IB(E in 2019. He is a trainee on the job and helps in the qualifing process of lenses as well as in the design of special tools for the assembly and evaluation team.





Jürgen Luger

master craftsman vulcanizer

Pre Quality Assurance - Stock Management

After his time as a tyre compound specialist, he worked years in the field of surface treatment (galvanic) and later also as quality assurance for high end carbon laquering parts. Klaus poached him to take the chance for a new task at IB(E Optics. Jürgen now is responsible for the incoming goods, their receiving inspection as well the last exit control before packing for delivery while  operating the new established ERP  system. 


Sabine Summer

Optical System Assembly

Sabine is responsible for assembling optics and systems and has been supporting IB/E Optics since 2012. Meanwhile she is the most experience person in the clean room and is responsible for the cleanroom organisation.  



Marinela Arhirii

Optical System Assembly 

Specialist for assembling optics and systems. She has been with IB/E Optics since 2013.  MAin skill is cleaning the single lenses and preparing for the "wedding".



Manuela Schneider

Optical System Assembly

Manuela has been supporting IB/E Optics since 2016. Her main work is, cleanin gthe single glasses and preparing for final assembling lenspairs in mechanic components 




Andrea Hackl

Optical System Assembly

Andrea has been with IB/E Optics since March 2017 and working around the assembling room, cleanroom and  or organizing the shop.



Zsuzsanna Horpaczi

Optical System Assembly,  Laser Engraving & Paint

She has been supporting IB/E Optics since 2017 and a relay benefit for us. Because she also has been trained in computer works, she is multiflexible , laquering the barrels after engraving as well as organizing the warehouse with excel.



Astrid Hobelsberger

Optical System Assembly

She has been with IB/E Optics since end of 2017. Another crew member in the cleanroom, responsible for clean lenses inside your system.



Tanja Küchmann

Optical System Assembly, Paint 

She is with IB/E Optics since 2018. Working as a multipurpose member of the staff she is laquering the engravings, assembling our new filters and smartfinders.






Monika Eiler

Head of Cleaners

She has been with IB/ E Optics since 2013 and the head of the cleaning crew. Very reliable member of our staff person when she is alone in the company on weekends to get the rooms refurbished  again for the coming week. 


Wilma Berger


She has been supporting IB/E Optics since 2015. A member of the cleaning staff. Yu miss her, whenshe is in holiday, because she couldn`t cleaned your workspace in  that period or the tolilette paper is out.




Julia Drexler


She has been supporting IB/E Optics since 2018. Monika`s daughter helps eagerly to keep our investment clean. As the youngest of the cleaning staff she is able to clime window fronts that the others can't. Her main issue is that she allways fills the refrigurator with sweets. We hate that !