Today at IB/E OPTICS Office our RAPTOR 180 was tested.

This has resulted GREAT shots of a fly.
See for yourself what the new RAPTOR macro cine lenses are capable of.


Please note: The fly was already dead.


Klaus Eckerl, CEO of IB/E Optics, is presenting the new Raptor lens family at the BandPro booth: three macro lenses with T2.9, to be sold as a set.

Film & TV Kameraman reported at NAB 2016 about our new RAPTOR lenses.

Our RAPTORS and Expanders S35x6K and S35x8K have been shown at NAB2016 booth of our exklusive distributor Band Pro.


Band Pro’s Senior Technical Consultant, Randy Wedick, introduces the new APO Macro Lenses from Germany manufacturer IB/E Optics.

HandeVision releases its new IBERIT lens family.


The PLx Extenders have been designed for AbelCine by IB/E Optics to be compatible with a wide range of PL-mount lenses.

A list with compatible lenses you can find here: