IB/E OPTICS is your premier partner for bespoke design and manufacturing of optics, illumination systems and machine vision applications in industry and cinema.

We deliver quality products and service to the industry’s professionals since 1992. Fully equipped with the latest technology, we offer full lifecycle program management, from beginning to end with a single point of accountability. With a powerful team of experts, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands and is progressing smoothly.

In addition to custom-made optics, lens servicing and conversions, we also manufacture a comprehensive assortment of our own high-quality optics, converters, expanders and associated universal camera mounts and fixings for all high-end cine equipment.  

As a family-owned company it is our goal to continue our tradition of precision, meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations and to advance the world of optics in film and broadcast industry.

IB/E OPTICS has know-how in a large field of applications:

Optical instrument manufacture

– Complex opto-mechanical units
– Modular AC and DC cold light systems
– Measuring- and Moire-projectors

Optics testing

– Measuring of objectives

Complete Vision Systems

– Conception/Integration of mechanics, sensor technique and machine vision software
– System integrators for NAIS
– Software development and individual adjustments


– Condensors, Mirror systems
– Telecentric, high light intensity, anamorphot
– Customized solutions

Standard and Customized Lenses

– Achromats, Oculars, Magnifying glasses, Seeker
– Projectionoptics
– Anamorphots (Cylinder, Torids)
– Apochromates
– Macro- and Micro-Optics
– Motorzoom systems
– Inside focused systems

Telecentric Lenses

– For line- and matrix-cameras
– High-res and distortion free
– Customized solutions


– Mirror systems for night-vision devices with high light intensity
– Phyrosensoric projection/Anamorphotes

Lasertechnique - Scanner

– Diode Collimators
– Beam modelling Optics, Beam Expanders
– F-Theta Scanner (RGB)

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