IB/E OPTICS continues to use its intricate and in-depth knowledge of optical systems and technologies, to create innovative components and bespoke solutions for clients in medical, film and broadcast industry. The company’s extensive experience and long tradition of German quality craftmanship, is displayed in our fast analysis, efficient and coherent workflow, superior optical performance and robust design.

We are dedicated to producing quality products and take pride in our creative and innovative approach to develop exceptional optical solutions, that are specifically tailored to the needs and wishes of our customers. Our clients benefit from our deep knowledge in optics as well as from our expertise in precision engineering, complemented by a full-service operation which allows for one-stop solutions from conception, prototype manufacture to series production and delivery.

Above all, it is our goal to be cognizant of and responsive to the needs of today’s filmmakers’ technical needs. Thus, we provide our clients with first-class quality, the highest precision in workmanship and rigorous controls and testing before, during and after the manufacturing to ensure high reliability and durability for an exceptional and enjoyable experience.