Macro Lenses

Macro lenses are the best choice for imaging objects with higher maginifcation for near field working distances. Unlike off the shell lenses macro lenses are optimized for nearfield and therefor offer superior quality.

IB/E OPTICS provides different macro lenses. If you have very special wishes that you cannot find in the macro lens overview below – ask us to find the best solution.

SD-Series 0.3x – 4x


Those SD macros do have a short distance onto the object and are usable for big sensors up to Ø 25mm. Their performance is excellent in a wide area of color.

Item No. Mag Working Distance
0.3 89 mm
0.5 59 mm
0.75 44.8 mm
1.0 37.4 mm
2.0 26 mm
4.0 20.8 mm

IB/E OPTICS offers a series of macro lenses typically up to 2/3″ sensors. On request the macros can be used for Ø20mm sensors. The macro lenses have fixed magnification and are designed for hard enviroments.
All lenses have c-mount thread and 22mm outer diameter.

LD-Series 0.14x – 4x


Long distance macro lenses are sometimes needed, if you want to have a longer working distance.

IB/E OPTICS offers several lenses for such applications.

Item No. Mag Working Distance Housing Length ø Image ø (max.)
0.14x 90 mm 31.8 mm 29 mm 11 mm
0.3x 90 mm 29.8 mm 29 mm 11 mm
0.5x 90 mm 50.5 mm 29 mm 11 mm
1x 90 mm 92.6 mm 29 mm 11 mm
2x 75 mm 72.8 mm ; 76.2 mm 16 mm 11 mm
4x 75 mm 103.6 mm ; 107.1 mm 16 mm 11 mm

0.04x – 0.5x


This systems are available for anykind of special setup to fullfil your needs.

We may created your system with variable iris and focal adjustment or just leave it as a simple lens without any adjustment possibilities.

Item No. Mag [range] Focal Length FNo Housing Length ø Image ø (max.)
0.04 [0.035;0.2] 28 mm 1:4 17.5 mm M20x0.5 25 mm
0.04 [0.035;0.2] 35 mm 1:4 21 mm M20x0.5 40 mm
0.1  [0.07;0.5] 50 mm 1:2.8 25 mm M20x0.5 50 mm
0.2 [0.1;0.5] 60 mm 1:4 32.5 mm M20x0.5 60 mm
0.2 [0.1;0.5] 105 mm 1:5.6 36 mm M20x0.5 97 mm

Very compact standard lenses with outer thread interface for integration. All lenses can be ordered also with standard C-Mount adapter and others as well.

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