Telecentric Lenses

Optics, which are characterized by very low linear distortion, smallest scale errors and professional mechanical implementation.
Since a lot of years we suggest in diverse special publications telecentric optical path on imaging and illuminated systems, as far as you work on high-precision machine vision applications in the measuring technique.
Since that time systems for object diameters from 1 mm – 254 mm (!) were developed and produced.

Our Telecentric Optics and their privilege:

  • Object and both sides telecentric systems
  • Highest optical resolution and smallest distortion
  • Robust industrial implementation
  • Turnable working distance
  • Modular concept, exchange of front heads optionally

As IB/E OPTICS is designing telecentric lenses since nearly 20 years, many different designs have been done meanwhile. You can profit from that as maybe you will find a system that is ideal for your measurement task.



The complete telecentric S-Series Lenses contains the families TZS8, TZS12, TZS16 and TZS24. Every family has members for 1/3“, 1/2“ and 2/3“ sensors.  All objectives are equipped with fixed iris and fixed focus.

Mechanical interfaces are perfect for integration purposes.

Customized Adjustments:
Adjustments of iris, working distance etc. are possible any time.

Mounting blocks, coaxial illumination heads, ring light as well as telecentric backlight for highest precision are available on inquiry.


TZS8 Serie

Type Item No. Sensor Mag WD Datasheet
TZS8-1.0-76 1/2″ 1.0 76 mm
TZS8-0.95-78 1/3″ 0.95 78 mm
TZS8-0.9-81 1/3″ 0.9 81 mm
TZS8-0.85-84 1/3″ 0.85 84 mm
TZS8-0.8-87 1/3″ 0.8 87 mm
TZS8-0.75-90 1/3″ 0.75 90 mm

TZS12 Serie

Type Item No. Sensor Mag WD Datasheet
TZS12-0.89-123 2/3″ 0.89 123 mm
TZS12-0.85-126 2/3″ 0.85 126 mm
TZS12-0.8-130 1/2″ 0.8 130 mm
TZS12-0.75-136 1/2″ 0.75 136 mm
TZS12-0.7-141 1/2″ 0.7 141 mm
TZS12-0.64-150 1/2″ 0.64 150 mm
TZS12-0.6-155 1/3″ 0.6 155 mm
TZS12-0.55-164 1/3″ 0.55 164 mm
TZS12-0.48-180 1/3″ 0.48 180 mm

TZS16 Serie

Type Item No. Sensor Mag WD Datasheet
TZS16-0.68-74 2/3″ 0.68 74 mm
TZS16-0.6-80 1/2″ 0.6 80 mm
TZS16-0.55-87 1/2″ 0.55 87 mm
TZS16-0.5-98 1/2″ 0.5 98 mm
TZS16-0.45-104 1/3″ 0.45 104 mm
TZS16-0.4-115 1/3″ 0.4 115 mm
TZS16-0.37-122 1/3″ 0.37 122 mm

TZS24 Serie

Type Item No. Sensor Mag WD Datasheet
TZS24-0.47-80 2/3″ 0.47 80 mm
TZS24-0.43-95 1/2″ 0.43 95 mm
TZS24-0.38-115 1/2″ 0.38 115 mm
TZS24-0.33-145 1/2″ 0.33 145 mm
TZS24-0.28-180 1/3″ 0.28 180 mm
TZS24-0.25-215 1/3″ 0.25 215 mm
Bezeichnung Datum Sprache Datei
Flyer Telecentric Lenses S-Serie 11/2015 DE/EN



If requested the optics can be equipped with variable iris, polarizing filter and retarder plates – high end optics for most difficult surface inspections.

With OptiBench IB/E OPTICS can deliver exact data of distortion, MTF and telecentricity as protocol. The TZ coax-series covers linear magnifications from 0.5 to 3.0.

Another accessory for telecentric coax series lenses are different illumination systems. Typically LED based illumination is used, but fibres can also be attached.

Of course all lenses can be used without coax illumination as single stand alone telecentric lens.

In the table below you can see the base lenses available. Ask for special adjustment to fit your application needs perfectly.


  • Base lens – add type of table above
  • Mechanical Fibre Couplung Adapter – add A after Bese lens type
  • Variable Iris – add letter B after Base lens type
  • Polarising filter – add letter P after Base lens type
  • Retarder Plate – add letter R after Base lens type
  • LED Illumination – add LED colour after Base lens type

The following colours are available:
White (VIS), Near Infrared (IR), Red (R), Red-Orange (RO), Green (G), Yellow (Y), Blue(B).


  • TZ6-1.0-50 B LED G = Lens with variable iris and green led coaxial unit
  • TZ12-0.5-50 ABPR = Lens with variable iris, polarizer, retarder plate and mechanical adapter for fibre coupling
Type Item No. Sensor Mag WD Datasheet
TZ3-2.0-35 1/2″ 2.0 35 mm
TZ5-1.5-36 1/1.8″ 1.5 36 mm
TZ6-1.0-50 1/2″ 1.0 50 mm
TZ12-0.5-50 1/2″ 0.5 50 mm
TZ15-0.54-40 1/1.8″ 0.54 40 mm
Bezeichnung Datum Sprache Datei
Flyer Telecentric Lenses Coax-Series 08/2013 DE/EN



How big?

I/BE´s telecentric Prime Series are bi-telecentric for 16 MB cams with superior contrast and low distortion.

Our telecentric lens with 250 mm object field TZP250-0.17-200.

This optics offers superior image quality over the whole field at a Ø 43 mm image circle. The lens works well for the complete visible wavelength spectrum. See the resolution of more than 64 % at 32 lp/mm!

The objective is telecentric on both sides – therefore minimizing shading effects!

Type Item No. Sensor Mag WD Datasheet
TZ250-0.17-200 0.17 200 mm

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