Dana Gonzales, ASC Uses Smartfinder Pro on Legion

Testing of IB(E Optics’ Smartfinder Pro

IB(E Optics’ Smartfinder Pro prototype was tested on the set of Legion with the help and support of Keslow Camera. Dana Gonzales, ASC, Mitch Dubin, Camera Operator and David Edsall, First Camera Assistant provided input in the development phase of IB(E Optics’ new large format digital DP and director’s viewfinder.

Dana said: “It has been very good for us to have a large format option as we depend on a director’s viewfinder to plan our images shot by shot.”

The Smartfinder Pro is designed for lenses from S35 to full format and up to 65mm format and will be available in both, PL and LPL versions. You attach a lens and the image is gathered on ground-glass. It has a 62mm Ø image diagonal, which is slightly larger than the image of an ARRI Alexa 65. The groundglass concept is just like a traditional optical director’s finder. An iPhone is attached behind the groundglass. The camera focuses onto the groundglass image, through four optical elements made by IB(E and you view the shot on the iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus screen.

The iPhone lets you shoot framegrabs and, of course, video. This is helpful for scouting and pre-viz. IB(E Optics is expected to begin shipping the first production models around Cine Gear 2019. 

Text originally published in The FD Times Issue 93-94 April 2019

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