RAPTOR Large Format Macro Lenses

The movement toward larger format sensors is in progress, and the number of large format cameras available keeps growing and includes the ALEXA LF, ALEXA 65, Sony VENICE, RED MONSTRO 8K VV, Panavision Millennium DXL2 and others. Larger sensors deliver a film-style look with interesting bokeh due to their very shallow depth of field and require lenses that can cover the complete area. Our RAPTOR Large Format Macro Lens Set is up to the task.

The set consists of four focal lengths:

All four RAPTOR lenses easily cover ø 50mm with a PL mount. The 100 mm/T2.9, 150 mm/T2.9 and 180 mm/T2.9 will even cover up to ø 55mm with an XPL mount. All lenses have 1:1 magnification, a T-Stop of 2.9 and professional cine mechanics. All Raptors are real 1:1 macros up to infinite without any need for diopters. The velociter accessory is a 0,7 x booster to generate a super 35 Macro set T2,1/70mm,105mm and 126mm, gaining 1 Stopp ! Be aware: the 60mm does not fit. With the UMS 2 times extender you get a 120,200,300 and 360mm at 2:1 magnification! So you have lot of space for the illumination on set, because the hugh working distances. With this package you have at least 8 macro solutions for vista vision - and 3 for super 35/ T2,1 - the only real Cine Macro set in the world



FD Times 

IB(E Optics Macro Full Frame (Film and Digital Times)



  • Maximum Magnification 1:1
  • Internal Focusing (Constant Lens Length)
  • Extended Color Correction (APO)
  • T-Stop 2.9 for all Focal Lengths
  • Consistent Distance from Flange to Iris and Focus Ring
  • 95 mm Front Diameter
  • M0.8 Gear Wheels for Focus and Iris Control
  • UMS PL Mount (LPL, Canon EF, Sony NEX E, etc.)
  • Robust Mechanical Design