Conversion Kits

The UMS Conversion Kit provides cinematographers with a means to quickly switch lens mounts on Canon Compact and Cinema Zoom Lenses and Fujinon Cabrio Zoom Lenses anywhere.
Once the UMS mount has been installed on the lens and the lens’s back focus has been adjusted (if necessary), cinematographers in the field can easily switch between PL, EF, E, F, FZ, MFT and LPL mounts with no play, no shift in back focus and no re-shimming.

Available Sets:

  • UMS Conversion Kit for Canon Compact Zooms (Item No.: 193000043700)
  • UMS Conversion Kit for Canon Cinema Zooms (Item No.: 193000047800)
  • UMS Conversion Kit 1 for Fujinon Cabrio (Item No.: 193000159600)

Used with:

  • Cabrio 14-35 mm
  • Cabrio 19-90 mm
  • Cabrio 85-300 mm
  • Cabrio 20-120 mm

UMS Conversion Kit for Fujinon Cabrio (Item No.: 193000162100)
Used with: Cabrio 25-300 mm

Conversion Kits should only be installed by a qualified technician. Please contact us for more details.