HDx2 Mark II

The HDx2 Mark II expands the image and converts HD ENG 3D CCD lenses for use on high speed Phantom cameras and MFT format cameras (22 mm). This converter is best suited in scenarios when our HDx35 Mark III converter’s focal length extension factor is too strong or when light loss has to be restricted.

The HDx2 Mark II provides cinematographers with opportunity to use most extreme lenses, such as the Canon HJ18x28, Canon Digi Super 86II xs /95, and Fujinon zooms on cameras including the Phantom v640, RED One (4K), Panasonic AF101 and the Blackmagic Cinema/Production for an image circle up to a maximum of 25.5 mm.

Item No: 190902400500

Technical specifications

Our professional optical converters are engineered to achieve optimum performance with the latest digital cameras and provide a seamless mechanical fit while correcting spectral alignments for three-chip prism block sensors. They are highly telecentric in design and deliver bright, sharp images across the entire frame while maintaining excellent color and contrast.

Our Universal Mount System (UMS) makes it possible to use our converters with multiple mounting systems and even change mounts in the field without re-shimming.


  • Use your HD ENG 3D CCD lenses with S35 sensors
  • Telecentric Design for Digital Cameras
  • Maximum T-Stop - T 1.9
  • High Performance at all T-Stops
  • Flare Optimized Systems using High-End Coatings
  • Compact Size
  • B4-PL Converter
  • PL UMS Mount System for Flexibility
Optical Design (lenses / groups) 5/2
Focal Length Extension 2.2x
Max. Image Diameter (mm) maximum / recommended* 25.5 / 24.4
Max. Input T-stop 1.9
Light Drop (stops) 2.2
Lens Mount B4 2/3″
Camera Mount PL UMS Mount
Length (mm) B4 to PL 50.7
Diameter (mm) 65.0
Weight (kg) 0.50

*depending on max. image diameter of input lens.