The S35xFF Expander scales the Super 35 image up to 43.4 mm, covering full-frame format (ø 43.5 mm) and the entire RED Dragon 8K format.  Special attention was taken while designing the extender to ensure minimum light fall off and maximum image performance up to the edge of the larger sensors. The focal length is extended by a factor of 1.6x, and light loss is about one T stop.

The S35xFF Expander can be used on lenses with a maximum aperture of T2.0 and provides the best performance at T2.8 for optimal resolution and sharpness.

Item No: 193000025701

Technical specifications
Optical Design (Lenses/Groups) 5/3
Focal Length Extension 1.6x
Max. Sensor ø (mm) 44.6
Max. Input T-Stop 2.8
Light Drop (Stops) 1.3
Lens Mount PL Standard
Camera Mount PL UMS Mount*
Length PL to PL (mm) 20.8
Diameter (mm) 78.0
Weight (kg) 0.5

* Standard UMS E and FZ Mark II.

The S35xFF (formerly S35x8K) is not compatible with mirror shutter cameras.
The S35xFF (formerly S35x8K) can be used with most S35 optics having a PL Mount.


Angenieux Optimo 17-80 mm Zoom
Optimo 24-290 mm Zoom
Compact Optimo Zooms
17-102 mm Zoomobjektiv
25-250 mm HR-Zoom
Fuji from T2.8
Canon from T2.8
Leica Summicron from T2.8
Zeiss Zooms from T2.8
Standard Speed T2.1 28/50/85/135 mm