The LPLx2 VV optical extender doubles the focal length of Vista Vision Format LPL mount lenses.

It’s compact optical and mechanical design makes it compatible with a wide range of lenses. High-index, low-dispersion glass ensures the highest possible resolution and contrast with minimal optical degradation. The extender transmits light over 4 times the area with a decrease in brightness by two f-stops and has a recommended maximum input T-Stop of 1.9. The LPLx2 VV mounts directly to native LPL mount lenses and cameras.

Item No: 193000177800



Modern cameras require high quality optics designed and optimized for electronic sensors. PL Extenders increase the focal length of 35 mm PL mount lenses. Our extenders feature high-index, low-dispersion glass and flare optimized systems to ensure the highest possible resolution and contrast with minimal optical degradation. The highly telecentric optical design avoids all micro lens issues.


  • Extends the Focal Length
  • Telecentric Design for Digital Cameras High Performance at all T-Stops
  • Flare Optimized High-End Systems
  • Fits Most PL lenses on the Market
  • PL-PL Extender
  • PL UMS Mount System for Flexibility

Extender Compatibility

  • Cameras
  • ARRI Alexa/Studio
  • ARRI 35mm
  • Aaton 35mm
  • Phantom High-Speed
  • Sony F3/F5/F55/F65
  • Canon C300/C500 (PL Mount)
  • RED One, Epic, Scarlet, Dragon, Weapon
  • Lenses