SD-Series 0.3x – 4x

The SD Macro Lenses are ideal for applications where no telecentric optical path is needed. The Macro Lenses are specialized in imaging objects at close range at high magnification.Providing a distortion-free image for sensors up to Ø 25mm with a high spectral resolution over a broad spectral range.

Technical specifications
0.3 89 mm
0.5 59 mm
0.75 44.8 mm
1.0 37.4 mm
2.0 26 mm
4.0 20.8 mm

IB/E OPTICS offers a series of macro lenses typically up to 2/3″ sensors. On request the macros can be used for Ø20mm sensors. The macro lenses have fixed magnification and are designed for hard enviroments.
All lenses have c-mount thread and 22mm outer diameter.