You would like to check your optics through their paces. We offer the following testing services:

  • 2 MTF Test Zeiss K12
  • projection test, Gecko 6×7 projector, Chrosziel KB
  • IMATEST image analysis
  • Alpa FPM with Hasselblad Digeback C100
  • flange, Chrosziel collimator
  • centering, IB/E own development, UPMOS
  • F-Stop / T-Stop, IB/E own system
  • MTF, distortion, OptiBench, IB/E own development

Please contact us for details via the contact section above, and we will be more than happy to provide you with detailed information and prices.

Messgeräte im IB/E Lab

MFT Messsystem Zeiss K12 (2x)
Chrosziel Kollimator
Imatest Messsystem
Prüfprojektor Götschmann G 67 P
Prüfprojektor Chrosziel 24×36 Projektor 5.0
IB/E Laser Abstands- und Fokusmesssystem
IB/E T-Stop Messsystem
IB/E UPMOS Zentriersystem
IB/E MFT Messsystem OptoBench
Lichtwertmessystem ILT 1700 (Radiometer)
Prema SPM 9001 Spectrometer