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Smartfinder Stand Alone App

Turn your iPhone into a professional Director’s Finder with the new Smartfinder app.

Directors and Cinematographers of major motion pictures use expensive devices to determine the appropriate lens for most setups. The brand new Smartfinder Stand Alone App lets you find the best camera and lens combination simply with an iPhone. It displays exactly how the shot will look. 

The app helps you match or check continuity of shots you took at an earlier time. As an educational tool, the Smartfinder app visually demonstrates the interaction of all the cameras and lenses available today. Sunrise, sunset and GPS data make the Smartfinder app an essential tool for scouting locations and planning when to shoot where. As a must-have pre-production companion, the app also records extensive metadata for every setup. 


The Smartfinder app offers many additional features:


  • Choose your camera and lens parameters from a huge database containing more than twelve camera manufacturers, 730 sensor modes, with more than 50 lens companies and 2400 lenses. You can also add your own custom setups.
  • The Smartfinder app will calculate numerous useful optical values. Just enter the focus distance and the software will immediately display: horizontal and vertical field of view, depth of field, hyperfocal distance, near-point and far-point.  
  • Share your shots around the world with friends and colleagues via email, social media, messaging apps, etc.
  • Add framelines and customize them as you like. Change the aspect ratio, scaling, frame style, color or other settings.
  • Save your photos or videos and organize the media files in a project or scene library that is easy to edit and re-name.


Best of all, the Smartfinder app is amazingly simple: Just choose a camera, make a lens choice and begin.

The IB/E Smartfinder Stand Alone App is now available in App Store! 

Terms of Use – Smartfinder Stand Alone App

Purchase a subscription:

The Smartfinder Stand Alone App can be purchased for free from the Apple App Store. Without a subscription, only limited access to the database, which contains all necessary information about various cameras and lenses, is possible. A valid subscription is required to unlock the full range of functions of the application. A full subscription to the Smartfinder Stand Alone App costs 2.99€ (or equivalent for another currency) per month. There are no other costs for using the application. A subscription can be taken out in the App under the menu item „Help & Subscription“. To take out a subscription, you will need to enter a valid Apple ID password. The App will inform you as soon as the subscription has been successfully set up. After the subscription has been taken out, the database will be synchronized, which gives you immediate access to the full range of functions of the Smartfinder Stand Alone App.


 Cancelling a subscription:

 A completed subscription to the Smartfinder Stand Alone Application can be cancelled at any time. The cancellation can be done in the „Settings“ section of the personal iTunes account. If a subscription is cancelled, the subscription will continue for the period of time already purchased (1 month). The app can still be used to its full extent during this period. After the subscription expires, the app can only be used to a limited extent. The subscription is automatically renewed for a further period (1 month) 24 hours before the subscription expires.


 Using a subscription:

 The Smartfinder Stand Alone App is available for the Apple operating system iOS and can be used in combination with the following iPhone models: iPhone 7, iPhone 7+, iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max.

 By purchasing a valid subscription, the Smartfinder Stand Alone App can be used to its full functional range. This includes access to an integrated database with more than 12 camera manufacturers (over 730 different sensor modes) as well as more than 50 integrated lens manufacturers (more than 2400 lenses). The remaining features of the app (frame lines, data management, data sharing, …) are also fully available.

If you have any questions regarding the subscription model of the Smartfinder Stand Alone App, please have a look at our FAQ’s or contact us personally via one of the following e-mail addresses:



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