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The Coax- Series is a series of telecentric lenses that meet the highest requirements with regard to functionality. Telecentricity combined with an exceptional high contrast, make these lenses ideally suited for demanding applications. With incident light these telecentric measuring lenses are perfectly suited to detect even the smallest defects.  


 Upon request the optics can be equipped with variable iris, polarizing filter and retarder plates; high-end optics for the most difficult surface inspections. 

The TZ Coax-Series covers linear magnifications from 0.5 to 3.0. Another accessoire for telecentric Coax-Series lenses are different illumination systems. Typically LED based illumination is used but fibres can be attached, too. 


Of course all lenses can be used without coax illumination as single stand alone telecentric lens.

In the table below you can see the available base lenses. Ask for special adjustment to fit your application needs perfectly.


Order information:

Base lens – add type of table above

Mechanical Fibre Couplung Adapter – add A after Base lens type

Variable Iris – add letter B after Base lens type

Polarising filter – add letter P after Base lens type

Retarder Plate – add letter R after Base lens type

LED Illumination – add LED colour after Base lens type

The following colours are available:
White (VIS), Near Infrared (IR), Red (R), Red-Orange (RO), Green (G), Yellow (Y), Blue(B).



TZ6-1.0-50 B LED G = Lens with variable iris and green led coaxial unit

TZ12-0.5-50 ABPR = Lens with variable iris, polarizer, retarder plate and mechanical adapter for fibre coupling

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