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IB/E optics has developed a set of B4 to PL Converters: HDx1, HDx1,4, HDx2, HDx35 and HDx6K.


These converters commonthing is that they magnify the image from 2/3″ 3 CCD sensor up to the different size on the target system: S16 ( 16mm ), MFT (22mm), S35 (31,5mm) or even 6K ( 34mm ).


The important technical challenge is that these converters not only magnify the image, they also correct for the color aberration that would damage the result. The broadcast lenses where all designed to face a long glass prism inside the broadcast cameras, the RGB seperation. This is not true with the newer single sensor cameras. Means, you need this tool to get a clean image, not to compare with the mechanical adaption.

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