The light source of IB/E optics are conceived for rough industrial environment.


This cold light source is using the specific advantages of xenon lamps and offers a very interesting alternative to halogen light sources.
A specific advantage of the source is the high light power on nominal only 35W. Therewith the source also can be operated ventilator loose for clean rooms.
Furtheron the xenon light source is suited for line cameras and replace costly DC-sources on halogen basis.
The xenon source delivers clearly more light in the blue spectrum of the visible light than halogen light sources – the light source is suited better therewith for certain uses.
The 35W xenon source will be offered in classic 19inch housing in optically impressive table housings. The light source of IB/E OPTICS are conceived for rough industrial environment.
The used xenon burners have the typical service life of 5000h.


150W/250W Halogen light sources are classical light sources from IB/E OPTICS. Since nearly 30 years these light sources are spread all over the world and they run and run and run…
150W/250 Halogen light sources are very robust and the technique is long tested. Therefor this solution is especially well when you need to have a very confidential light source.
Several accessories are available on request – different fibre adapters, external potentiometer, digital potentiometer different housings.


IB/E OPTICS has set up a modular telecentric illumination system.
A complete illumination system consists of a lens (defining the field of view), a led illumination head (defining colour, illuminance), a drive unit (for supplying constant current) and cabling.
The best solution for geometric measurement purposes is a setup with telecentric lens and telecentric illumination.