Mechanical Tools

Converters / Adapters for your cine lenses

PL-LPL Adapter

The PL – LPL Mechanical Adapter connects native PL mount lenses to LPL mount systems, namely, the ARRI LF Camera.
Item No: 600000000079
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Universal Mount System

The UMS Mount (Universal Mount System) allows cinematographers to easily swap mounting systems in the field without back focal adjustment.
The UMS Mount provides cinematographers with the means to quickly switch lens mounts on various lenses anywhere.
Once the UMS mount has been installed on the lens and the lens’ back focus has been adjusted (if necessary), cinematographers in the field can easily switch between PL, EF, E, F, FZ, MFT and LPL mounts with no play, no shift in back focus and no re-shimming.
Basis mount is a modified PL Mount.
The UMS System just works with the IB/E adapters!