Dental camera with LED

Design from scratch a camera with LED light inside a handpiece with extreme depth of field to check the start and end of dentists´ work.

Scanner for 3D measuring the teeth contour

Goal was the development of a mini-projector and a record train to measure teeth contour on the principle of “Moire”.
Hereby a raster of constants is being projected onto an object. A raster is also attached to the CCD-sensor, which, with the correct alignment, creates an interference pattern. After signal processing, data is obtained from the 3D object. This 3D surface measurement technique is employed by clinics and allows them to non-intrusively measure teeth after grinding.
Client: OraMetrix

Lens and illumination solution for a glucometer

Within the area of Wells-Prüfung (testing) we were tasked to design an open system of 1:1.1 for an image field of 54 mm. This system allows the examination of chemical composition within the UV range.

Development of lenses for a 3D scanner setup

A complete redesign of the “COMET III” measure button for Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH, a renowned manufacturer of highly precise measuring systems. The project included the design of the machine concept, projection channel and accommodating channel.
For this task we specifically designed an image-sided telecentric optic characterized by its high resolution as well as its precise and reliable centring. The projector has been photometrically improved by a factor of 2-3, thermal problems were solved and a rigid modular design was achieved.
Client: Steinbichler Optotechnik