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Klaus Eckerl

Dipl.-Ing. Mechatronics

CEO / President

Senior Optic Designer

Klaus studied mechatronics in Nürnberg, Germany and completed his studies successfully in 1988 as a diploma engineer. He worked on software and hardware development on stepper motor units as a free engineer. Employment in the optical industry followed as technical director at ENNA WERK, Munich with approximately 300 employees. During that time he worked in the field of projection, zoom lens design and production as well as working on plastic molding for slide projectors. Klaus  worked in the field of design and development of optical coatings with Leybold systems. He did optic design and quality engineering on projection and zoom systems for well-known companies like Schneider Kreuznach, Kodak, Docter Optics, Zeiss Oberkochen and Jenoptik. He worked on opto-mechanical design on Inventor professional software. Finally, he was  responsible for the quality management for all key account customers. Later, Klaus established the new field of industrial optics at ENNA. He was responsible for engineering und production of customized systems in glas and plastic. 
After ENNA was sold to Docter Optics in 1992, Klaus decided to start his own company, IB/E, short for  „Engineering Bureau Eckerl“. Since 2001 he has been managing director at his own production company IB/E Optics GmbH. In 2012, he finally fulfilled another dream of himself by moving into his self-designed IB/E headquarters in Freyung.

Uwe Eckerl

IT Specialist

Head of Optical System

Design & Software

Project Manager

Uwe studied computer science at the University of Passau. For many years he has been active in the company as a project manager for customer and research projects for medium-sized companies, for example in medicine and machine vision. Besides project management, his core area is the development of optical systems with Zemax (since 2004) and since 2013 with Code VAlso software works (C ++, C and Java as well as PLC Systems). Meanwhile, Uwe has developed many optical systems (telecentric, macro and zoom lenses, lens converters, Scheimpflug systems and more). He is pushing the development of internal measurement tools (ZEMAX automation routines; at OptiBench- and MTF Star measurement system) to improve quality assurance. Moreover, he is responsible for the development of our awarded MTF Star-Software for the measurement of optical systems at the projector. He has been active at IB/E optics for over 20 years (2018).

Reinhard Thomas

Dipl.-Physics (TU)

Optic System Design

Reinhard is a long term laboratory specialist in the field of imaging optics. Before he came to IB/E, he was employed at Meyer Optics, Germany. He worked on layer design and coating development on lenses. Reinhard is a very routined specialist in the evaluation of optical systems. IB/E trained him the last years in ZEMAX and now he is one of the optical designers in house to realize your system. Reinhard has been with the company since 2001. 

Manuel Kieweg

B. Sc. (TU) Mobile & Embedded Systems

Software/Electronic &

APP development

With a degree in mobile and embedded systems from the University of Passau Manuel is one of our most recent additions to the company as a project engineer. As our specialist in electronics, he will advance our electronic development of interfaces between lenses and cameras at IB/E Optics. His first project was our new SmartFinder Pro App. He has been working at IB/E since summer 2019.

Markus Krenn

B. Engineering

Head of Production

Markus strengthens the IB/E team since the beginning of 2021. His many years of experience as a production manager in the automotive industry is a great gain for I/BE. Markus is responsible for the coordination and smooth running of the production.

Jürgen Hirsch

Mechatronics Engineer

Mechanical Engineering Technician

Head of Mechanical Design

Jürgen’s areas of expertise range from the assembly of optics and systems to mechanical design with CAD. Responsible for the assembly of the ARRI65 and the ARRI65S lenses he subsequently moved into the field of mechanical design. Jürgen is a highly skilled mechanical designer and uses his diverse  experiences in complex mechanical designs, 3-dimensional computer modeling and creative problems solving to create a high-quality product. Coupling these skills with his innovative mindset allows him to solve the toughest product challenges. Among his recent and most well-known projects are the Blackwing7 lenses by Tribe7. Jürgen has been with the company since 2013. 

Manuela Seidl

Certified Business Economist

Commercial Management

Manuela is a new member to our team since february 2022. She has many years of experience in all commercial areas and is a valuable addition to our constantly growing team. Manuela is a certified business economist, has completed an apprenticeship as a foreign language merchant and further training as a customs specialist. For the last 20 years she was working in a sheet metal processing company (sales, marketing, executive assistant, purchasing). In 2004, she moved to a company in the automotive industry, where she was in charge of internal sales and export for many years.

Nicole Eckerl

Office Clerk

Management assistant


Nicole ensures that the company is running smoothly and seamlessly while working with the staff at all levels of the company. She performs advanced administrative duties requiring broad experience, skills and knowledge of organization policies and practices for this specific industry. Her ability to function in a confidential and discrete manner and demonstrate the ability to adhere to timelines, flexibility and adaptability as well as maintaining a professional atmosphere under pressure and meeting numerous deadlines is exceptional. Nicole does not only coordinate budget activities including tracking full-time employee vacancies but also serves as a resource to interpret and provide information regarding organizational policies and procedures. Nicki has already been working at IB/E for more than 20 years. 

Nicole Donaubauer

Office Clerk



Nicole, secretary to the marketing team, provides full secretarial as well as logistical and administrative support. Nicole is the principal link between company and customer. Her effective written and verbal communication skills and her high level of attention to detail make her a valuable asset that significantly contributes to the company’s smooth and efficient workflow. Nicole started working at IB/E in 2002.

Horst Deckinger

Business administrator

Management assistant

Facility Manager

Horst is working for Klaus as a facility manager and takes care for all issues around the companies‘ real estates and buildings, vans, trucks and the car fleet of the employees. Moreover, he is responsible for in-house shows and IB/E events. He started working at IB/E in fall 2017. 

Verena Stock


Industrial Clerk

Management assistant


Verena keeps our website up to date and gives you the news via Instagram and Facebook. As a professional and enthusiastic photographer she has the eye for the details. Verena supports CEO Klaus Eckerl as well as the technial purchase department concerning delivery schedules and coordinating our ERP-System. She joined I/BE in june 2020.   

Diana Vernay

Office communication clerk



Diana works in our administration and takes care of shipping documents, delivery notes and dispatch declarations. Her experience in customs is a great help for our export deliveries. She joined the IB/E-Team in december 2019. Since our company outing we now also know that she has a good connection to alpacas and can run at least as fast 😉

Kerstin Grundmüller

Technical product designer

Head of technical purchase

Kerstin’s years of experience in the field of assembly and technical drawings with Inventor 3D and 2D let her be the ideal contact person for our suppliers. She is organizing the delivery schedules for our assembling team. Because she started at IB/E in 2001 as a trainee and has spent all her working life at the company, she is the one to ask for nearly everything.

Zsuzsanna Horpaczi

Office communication clerk

Technical purchase


Zsuzsanna has been supporting IB/E Optics since 2017 and is a reliable benefit for us. Because she also has been trained in computer skills, she is multiflexible in lacquering the barrels after engraving as well as organizing the warehouse with excel. Because she knows almost all items from her experience in assembly, Zsuzsanna is meanwhile the perfect support for our technical purchase team and is helping in coordinating our ERP-system.  

Marcel Irlesberger

Industrial master metal

Technical documention

Process planning

Marcel is responsible for assembly instructions for all of our products and manual service for customers. He also is the connection point between technical design and production and helps planning production and process optimization.


Selina Uhrmann

Trainee technical product designer

Technical drawings

Selina is the youngest member of our IB/E team. After she finished school, she has decided to join IB/E for her apprenticeship since fall 2019. In the next three years, Selina will gain valuable experiences at IB/E. She will learn to create drawings for our production or assemble parts by her own.

Markus Hirz

B. Eng. Physics

Head of Measurement &

Optics Laboratory

Markus started working at IB/E as a practical student and finally wrote his Bachelor thesis about ´T-Stop measurement on optical systems“´ in cooperation with the company. He cares for the quality assurance and MTF measurement after the assembly. Since his start, he programmed several tools for in-house purposes, as the automatic rim lacquering machine for lenses or the fully automatic focus measurement. With this, we can easily generate the engraving data in-house for the laser.  We recently started a project to measure MTF at the wall while projecting targets (even more precise than our MTF Star) together with Angénieux. Markus got several short courses in optic design and can therefore analyze the tolerances while measuring their influence on the lens quality.  He has been working at IB/E since 2014.

Jacob Jikku

B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering

Optics Laboratory

After his studies in Jena, Jacob came to IB/E in early 2019. He started as a trainee on the job and was introduced into the main topics in optic assembly and evaluation. Meanwhile, Jacob is a well respected member of the QS team and does alignment, evaluation work at the K12 MTF bench, T Stop measurements and Collimator back focal adjustments as the procedure to get the focus engraving right. Jacob is working at IB(E since early 2019. Currently, he is working on his Master degree.

Michael Eder

Mechanical engineering technician

Optics Laboratory

Michael joined IB/E in May 2020 and works in our Quality Assurance department. He does focus measurement, centering, error analysis and thus ensures the high quality standards we have for our products.

Katharina Ehrenthaler

Cutting machine operator

Optics Laboratory

Katharina joined the team at the end of 2020 and is a trained cutting machine operator. To date, she has created technical drawings and programmed CAD/CAM in the field of mechanical engineering. Katharina works in our QS & Optics Laboratory on the collimator, projector and K12.


Markus Sobanski

Diploma engineer business economist

Optics Laboratory

Markus joined IB/E in summer 2021. With his professional experience and skills, he complements our team at the collimator, does centering and adjustment settings on lenses.



Nicole Krenn

Optics Laboratory

Optics Laboratory

Nicole joined IB/E in the beginning of 2021. Nicole works in our QS & Optics Laboratory on the collimator, projector and K12.


Stefan Hoschkara

Master craftsman metal

Optics Laboratory

Stefan is new in our team since this year. In his more than 15 years of professional experience in metal processing, he was able to gain a great deal of practical in different areas, especially in rebuilding, programming and adjusting of setting of CNC machines, the production of workpieces in small and large series, sample parts, as well as their quality inspection.


Christoph Stadler

Mechanical engineering technician

Assembly management

Christoph has been working at IB(E since 2017 and is the face behind the production (RAPTOR, Optimo PRIMES). Utilizing our ERP-software Christoph ensures that materials are ordered frequently from our supply partners and forwarded to our assembly team on time. Configuring the material flows within the company and providing the production and assembly team with the right materials is one of his main responsibilities. With regard to the steady extension of the production with all product lines  in 2022, Christoph and his team will remain busy.

Markus Boxleitner

Qualified optician

Teamleader assembly

Markus is our ´Swiss knife´ helping in assembling lenses and ensuring the quality evaluation at the Zeiss K12.  He is responsible for the coordination of the assembling documentation and is assembling Optimos as well. He is skilled in eye optics and familiar with glass since years. Since 2021 he runs our new coating machine, creating process parameters for reasonable coating results. He has been working at IB/E optics since spring 2019. 

Heiko Bethke

Precision Optician

Precision Mechanics

Team Leader Assembly /

Special Design

Heiko is an expert within the field of mechanics and optics with almost 20 years of work experience in the film industry. After leaving his job as a senior technician at Vantage in 2018, he joined forces with IB/E Optics to work on new, demanding and exciting projects. Heiko is currently working on the Tribe7 project, making him the perfect match to understand the client’s visionary stylistic choices while finding state-of-the-art technical solutions to bring innovative products such as the Blackwing7 lenses to life. With regard to our upcoming anamorphic program, it is to say that Heiko fits the bill perfectly.

Bianca Schönberger

industrial mechanics mechanical engineering and plant construction


Bianca joined our IB/E-Team in summer 2020 and assists teamleader Heiko Bethke. She assembles complete lenses.

Nico Gierke

Industrial mechanic operating technology


Nico started working at IB/E in fall 2020. He does the mechanics assembly and adjustment of focus units up to the completion of the lens.

Günther Schrank

Industrial mechatronic specialist

Head of CNC production /


Günther keeps the CNC machines running and gives support to assembly and evaluation. With his two 4-axis CNC machines, a milling machine, a laser cutter and a laser engraver he was trained in CAD, CAM software as well. He is able to program most of our complex parts in-house and produce the first samples for the customers to prove the design and concept. Günther has been with IB/E optics since 2002. 

Horst Fuhlmann

Cutting machine operator milling technology

Specialist Laser Engraving

Horst is also a new und powerful addition to the IB/E-Team. He works on our two Acsys Lasers, programming and lasering. He also spoils us from time to time with homemade jam and delicious pumpkin soup.

Andrea Hackl

CNC operator

CNC production

Andrea has been with IB/E optics since March 2017. She works in our workshop at the CNC machine.

Tobias Springer

Cutting machine operator

CNC production

Tobi joined IB/E in summer 2021 as a CNC operator. As a cutting machine operator, he works on various machines. He mills, turns, drills and measures precision parts in our in-house workshop.


Werner Müller

Quality specialist

Head of quality assurance

Werner is a new team member since February. His previous experience with responsibility for compliance with quality objectives, Participation in the preparation of internal and external audits, assisting in complaint handling by analyzing returned components, creating measurement programs, initial sampling and drawing review of new inquiries as well as feasibility analyses makes him a perfect addition to our quality management team. With immediate effect Werner will take care of handling of supplier complaints and component validation, measuring equipment management at IB/E optics and the expansion of quality management at IB/E optics to ensure delivery quality.

Mario Pohl

Specialist for warehouse logistics

Head of warehouse logistics

Mario takes care of warehousing, receiving and shipping. He makes sure that all products are packed in the best possible way for the journey to our customers. He started working at IB/E in march 2020.

Daniel Reidl


Warehouse logistics

QS mechanics

Daniel is responsible of checking incoming parts to ensure our high quality level. He also supports the warehouse department and accepts deliveries of goods and takes care of the assignment of deliveries to the right departments. He joined the IB/E-Team in march 2020.

Jürgen Luger


Warehouse logistics

After his time as a tyre compound specialist, he worked years in the field of surface treatment (galvanic) and later also as quality assurance for high end carbon laquering parts. Jürgen now is responsible for the incoming goods, their receiving inspection as well as the last exit control before packing for delivery. He has been working at IB/E optics since november 2018.

Gerlinde Grundmüller


Warehouse logistics

Gerlinde joined IB/E in april 2022.

more informations will follow…


Sabine Summer

Optical system assembly

Optical system assembly

Sabine is responsible for assembling optics and systems and has been working at  IB/E Optics since 2012. Meanwhile, she is the most experienced person in the clean room and is responsible for its organization.  


Marinela Arhirii

Optical system assembly

Optical system assembly

Marinela is a specialist for assembling optics and systems. She has been with IB/E Optics since 2013.  Her main skill is cleaning the single lenses and preparing for the „wedding“.


Manuela Schneider

Optical system assembly

Optical system assembly

Manuela has been supporting IB/E optics since 2016. Her main work is cleaning the single glasses and preparing for the final assembling of lens pairs in mechanic components. 

Tamara Weiß


Optical system assembly

Tamara joined the IBE team in September 2020. She completed training as a nurse after school and then decided to retrain as an optician. Tamara strengthens our clean room team and is responsible for lens control.



Astrid Hobelsberger

Optical system assembly

Optical system assembly

Astrid has been with IB/E optics since the end of 2017. She is another crew member in the cleanroom, responsible for cleaning lenses inside your system.

Stefanie Breit

Optical system assembly

Optical system assembly

Steffie has been working for IB/E since spring 2019. She also works in our cleanroom and is responsible for cleaning lenses to ensure the highest quality. 

Tanja Küchmann


Optical system assembly


Tanja has been with IB/E Optics since 2018. Working as a multipurpose member of the staff she is lacquering the engravings or assembling our Aesthetic Filters and Smartfinders.


Jolanta Pawlik


Optical system assembly


Jolanta started working at IB/E in fall 2019. She is working in the assembly room. As a multiflexible team member she is responsible for lacquering the engravings or assembling some of our products for example our Aesthetic Filters or Smartfinders.

Gabi Ritter

Mechanical assembly


Gabi started working at IB/E in summer 2020. She does mechanics assembly and adjustment of focus units up to the completion of the complete lens. She is also responsible for painting the engravings and lenses.

Jana Küblböck

Precision optician

Optical system assembly

Jana has been a member of Team IB/E since february. As a trained precision optician and top of her class with a grade of 1.0, she is a high-caliber addition to our cleanroom team. Jana has several years of professional experience in centering and coating and now complements our cleanroom team in assembly. In her spare time, Jana is an avid motocross rider.

Eva Pauli

Mechanical assembly

Optical system assembly

Eva has been with IB/E since spring 2020. She does mechanics assembly and adjustment of focus units up to the complete lens.

Christian Wilhelm

Electronic technician



Christian joined IB/E in december 2021. He supports our team concerning maintenance network, servers, workstations, office equipment and for ERP system. We are pleased that Christian is now actively supporting us here and perfectly complements our team with his great expertise and good humor.


Monika Eiler


Head of cleaning

Monika has been with IB/E Optics since 2013 and is the head of the cleaning crew. She is a very reliable member of our team when she is alone in the company on weekends to get the rooms cleaned again for the coming week. 

Anneliese Schmid


Cleaning team

Anneliese has been with the IB/E team since 2021 and, together with the cleaning team, makes sure that everything is sparkling and flashing in our administration and assembly rooms.


Bettina Bauer


Cleaning team

Bettina has also joined IB/E Team in 2021. Working together with the cleaning team dust and dirt have so no chance with us anymore!


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