About us

IB/E optics is a designer, manufacturer and service provider of customized optics in the field of image acquisition, projection and illumination. Our developments and products are used worldwide in industry, medicine, photography and professional film production.

IB/E Optics

Apart from developing and creating cine products consisting of the RAPTOR Primes and the RAPTOR Macro Lens Series as well as an extensive array of optical tools and adapters, IB/E optics has collaborated with many renowned manufacturers on numerous projects, most notably, Tribe7 on the development and manufacture of the Blackwing7 lenses and ARRI Rental on the development and manufacture of the Prime DNA, Prime 65S, and Prime 65 lenses for the ALEXA 65.
We have been delivering quality products and service to the industry’s professionals since 1992. Fully equipped with the latest technology we offer full lifecycle program management from beginning to end with a single point of accountability. With our cutting-edge technologies and our strong team of experts you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.
In addition to custom-made optics, lens servicing and conversions, we also manufacture a comprehensive range of our own high-quality lenses, extenders, converters, expanders and other optical tools, as well as many universal mounting solutions for all high-end cine equipment.
As a family-owned company, it is our goal to continue our tradition of precision, meeting and exceeding our customers expectations and to advance the world of optics in film and broadcast industry.
IB/E optics has know-how in a large field of applications.

Our Team

Klaus Eckerl
CEO, President, Senior Optic Designer
Dipl.-Ing. Mechatronics
Klaus studied mechatronics in Nürnberg, Germany and completed his studies successfully in 1988 as a diploma engineer. He worked on software and hardware development on stepper motor units as a free engineer. Employment in the optical industry followed as technical director at ENNA WERK, Munich with approximately 300 employees. During that time he worked in the field of projection, zoom lens design and production as well as working on plastic molding for slide projectors. Klaus worked in the field of design and development of optical coatings with Leybold systems. He did optic design and quality engineering on projection and zoom systems for well-known companies like Schneider Kreuznach, Kodak, Docter Optics, Zeiss Oberkochen and Jenoptik. He worked on opto-mechanical design on Inventor professional software. Finally, he was responsible for the quality management for all key account customers. Later, Klaus established the new field of industrial optics at ENNA. He was responsible for engineering und production of customized systems in glas and plastic. After ENNA was sold to Docter Optics in 1992, Klaus decided to start his own company, IB(E, short for "Engineering Bureau Eckerl". Since 2001 he has been managing director at his own production company IB(E Optics GmbH. In 2012, he finally fulfilled another dream of himself by moving into his self-designed IB(E headquarters in Freyung.


Jacob Jikku
B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering
After his studies in Jena, Jacob came to IB(E in early 2019. He started as a trainee on the job and was introduced into the main topics in optic assembly and evaluation. Meanwhile, Jacob is a well respected member of the QS team and does alignment, evaluation work at the K12 MTF bench, T Stop measurements and Collimator back focal adjustments as the procedure to get the focus engraving right. Jacob is working at IB(E since early 2019. Currently, he is working on his Master degree.
Annabell Scheibelberger
Technical Drawings
Technical Product Designer
Annabell has been working with IB/E since July 2016. She even did her apprenticeship as Technical Product Designer at IB/E. Annabell supports our development team in product design and organization.
Uwe Eckerl
Head of Development, Optical & Software Design
IT Specialist
Uwe studied computer science at the University of Passau. For many years he has been active in the company as a project manager for customer and research projects for medium-sized companies, for example in medicine and machine vision. Besides project management, his core area is the development of optical systems with Zemax (since 2004) and since 2013 with Code VAlso software works (C ++, C and Java as well as PLC Systems). Meanwhile, Uwe has developed many optical systems (telecentric, macro and zoom lenses, lens converters, Scheimpflug systems and more). He is pushing the development of internal measurement tools (ZEMAX automation routines; at OptiBench- and MTF Star measurement system) to improve quality assurance. Moreover, he is responsible for the development of our awarded MTF Star-Software for the measurement of optical systems at the projector. He has been active at IB(E Optics for over 20 years (2018).