Military & aerospace technology

Cassegrain Mirrorlens System

Customized mechanical design on a Cassegrain telescope 4000 mm.
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Head-up display for the German Wiesel

For the renowned producer of high-tech equipment for defence, aviation and industry, IB(E Optics was tasked by the Diehl Group to realize the idea of a modified angle-mirror system. The common bulletproof vision block in tanks has been extended by the installation of a head-up display unit, which allows for data to be displayed in the field of view.
Additionally, IB/E optics created a shutter-system, which allows to adjust brightness of the outer view/image. As an optical principle the “bird’s bath”, a perfectly revised mirror optic superstructure, has been employed.
Client: DIEHL Munition Systems

High-speed setup including four channel UV to NIR lens setup

High- speed camera system with four channels each transmitting 200 to far NIR region, used for example for NASA.
Only fused silica and CaF2 glasses used – no coating.
Optical system layout and assembly.
Using common UV Nikkor front lens with a customized field system.
Client: PCO

Extreme wideangle for airstream tests

IB/E optics was tasked by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) to further develop the pressure measuring system for wind tunnel models.
With UV-lighting and IB/E optics’ special varnish (Pressure Sensitive Paint PSP) evinces different intensities according to the pressure ratio applied. With a specifically designed ultra-wide angle lens IB/E optics is not only able to detect but also to record varying intensities.
Client: German Aerospace Center (DLR)