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Congratulations to James Friend for winning the Oscar® for Best Cinematography

Congratulations to James Friend ASC, BSC for winning the Oscar® for Best Cinematography using TRIBE7 Lenses - designed and produced at IB/E Optics.
From a blank white paper to the IB/E optical design team, led by Uwe Eckerl, finding a way to interpret Bradford’s artistic and Neil’s technical requirements into a kind of lens source code that could be used with our optical calculation software. This in turn allowed a unique, scalable design to be created for the TRIBE 7 optics. The IB/E Team started with an aesthetic and found the algorithms to express that vision. This was the point where artistry and optical design met.
Thanks to Neil Fanthom, founder of Blackwing7 who started the Blackwing7 story and gave IB/E optics the chance to take part in this success.
For “All Quiet On The Western Front” James used a wide array of lenses while all night work was shot on the Tribe7 Blackwing7 T-Tuned lenses due to their speed.
Thanks for choosing #blackwing7 large format prime lenses and making them part of this epic story. 🙏

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